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Total reprocessing solution

Consumables and accessories to support across the workflow.
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Trophon2 Logo White Gradient

Total reprocessing solution

Consumables and accessories to support across the workflow.
+1 844 876 7466

Going beyond the high level disinfection (HLD) step, the trophon® portfolio offers a series of consumable and accessory product solutions to allow users to prepare, disinfect, store and trace the reprocessing process.

NanoNebulant with Sonex-HL

trophon NanoNeebulant with Sonex-HL is a proprietary disinfectant liquid with 35% hydrogen peroxide chemistry to achieve effective HLD of the entire ultrasound probe including the shaft and handle. Disinfectant packaging now incorporates AcuTrace® technology to store batch and expiry details directly into the trophon®2 device.

trophon Companion Drying Wipes

Used to dry probes before and after HLD. Unlike many wipes that just move moisture around, trophon Companion Drying Wipes are highly absorbent to leave surfaces completely dry.

trophon Chemical Indicator

trophon Chemical Indicators provide a completely independent confirmation of success of each disinfection cycle. Chemical Indicator packaging now incorporates AcuTrace technology to record and store batch and expiry details directly into the trophon2 device.

trophon Clean Ultrasound Probe Cover

Custom-designed to protect endocavitary and surface ultrasound probes from recontamination (through handling or the environment) after high level disinfection and before they are used on the next patient.

trophon Medical Instrument Tag

Incorporates AcuTrace technology to digitally capture ultrasound probe details, stored directly on your trophon2 device.

trophon Operator Card

Incorporate AcuTrace technology to digitally capture operator interaction details, stored directly on your trophon2 device.

AcuTrace® PLUS

AcuTrace PLUS makes the disinfection records stored on trophon2 devices accessible to other software applications over a network. Configure your IT systems* to centrally backup all trophon devices on the network.

* Custom API middleware required to enable this capability. All connectivity, configuration and integration with customer IT systems is the responsibility of the customer.

trophon Printer

The trophon Printer is a fast, easy to use traceability solution that helps to link the probe and the HLD cycle with the patient.

trophon Printer Paper

High quality printer labels with a minimum 7-year life span, appropriate for medical records.

Nanosonics AuditPro

Nanosonics AuditPro offers end-to-end automated, digital ultrasound probe decontamination compliance traceability. It eliminates the need for manual paper-based logbook systems and links trophon2 cycle data to patient procedure data, presented in an easily searchable digital logbook format.

trophon Cart

Makes the trophon2 device fully mobile providing flexibility in device placement.

trophon Printer Cart Mount 2^

Designed for securely attaching the trophon Printer to the trophon Cart, in an easily accessible, convenient location.

trophon Cart UPS Bracket*

Designed to accommodate an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit to enable trophon devices mobility between patient examination rooms eliminating the need to turn off the trophon device.

trophon Wall Mount 2

A convenient option for installing the trophon2 device where there are space constraints.

trophon Printer Wall Mount

Custom-designed for secure, horizontal mounting of the trophon Printer to a wall.

*UPS not included. Contact your local sales representative for compatible UPS specifications.
Disinfection cycles should not be run while trophon device is unplugged from the mains power.

^Printer not included.

The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2 which share the same core technology of 'sonically activated' hydrogen peroxide.