Now with AcuTraceTM (RFID) technology to enhance digital
record keeping and deliver cost effective, easy and reliable
workflows for ultrasound probe high level disinfection.

High Level Disinfection Device

trophon2 (N05000-US)

The latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection (HLD).  Featuring an enhanced design, simple and fast workflows, and all new AcuTrace™ for digital record keeping and seamless integration with your hospital Information system



trophon Sonex-HL® (N05002)

Sonex-HL is a proprietary disinfectant liquid with 35% hydrogen peroxide chemistry to achieve effective HLD of the entire ultrasound probe including the shaft and handle. Incorporates AcuTrace™ technology to store batch and expiry details directly into trophon2.


trophon Chemical Indicator (N05003)

The trophon Chemical Indicator responds to a combination of specified time, temperature, disinfectant dosage and disinfectant concentration. These critical parameters need to be met for the chemical indicator to change to a pass colour. This qualitative colour change provides independent
confirmation of success of each disinfection cycle. Indicator packaging now incorporates AcuTrace™ technology to record and store batch and expiry details directly into trophon2.


Traceability Accessories

trophon AcuTrace™ Operator Card (N05006)

Incorporates AcuTrace™ technology to digitally capture operator interaction details, stored directly on your trophon2.

trophon AcuTrace™ Medical Instrument Tag (N05007)

Incorporates AcuTrace™ technology to digitally capture ultrasound probe details, stored directly on your trophon2.

trophon Printer (N00048)

The trophon Printer is a fast, easy to use traceability solution that helps
link the probe and the high level disinfection cycle.

trophon Printer USB Cable (N05011)

Cable for connecting the trophon Printer to trophon2. Note: only required if
connecting trophon2 to an older trophon printer. All trophon printers now ship
with a USB cable included.

trophon Printer Label Roll (N00049-ROW)

High quality printer labels with a minimum 7-year life span, appropriate for
medical records.

trophon Logbook (N00098)

Makes recording important disinfection steps easy and is compatible with trophon
Printer Labels.

Point of Care Set-up Accessories

trophon Wall Mount 2 (N05009)

A convenient option for installing trophon2 where there are space constraints.

trophon Printer Wall Mount (N00105)

Custom designed for secure, horizontal mounting of the trophon Printer to a wall.
Includes a cable tidy area for convenience.

trophon Cart (N05010)

Makes trophon fully mobile for convenient point of care use and adaptability where
there are space constraints.

trophon Printer Cart Mount 2 (N05013)

Designed for securely attaching the trophon Printer to the trophon Cart in an easily accessible, convenient location.

Cleaning and Drying Wipes

trophon Companion Cleaning Wipes (N00112-US)

Ideal for use with trophon2 for cleaning an ultrasound probe before HLD. The multipurpose wipes also provide fast and efficient low level disinfection (LLD) of ultrasound probes and other equipment including the console, monitors, keyboards, cables and probe holders.

trophon Companion Drying Wipes (N00113)

Complement the trophon Companion Cleaning Wipes and are used to dry probes
before and after HLD. Unlike many wipes that just move moisture around, trophon
Companion Drying Wipes are highly absorbent to leave surfaces completely dry.

trophon Companion Wipes Wall Mount (N00114)

For wall mounting trophon Companion Wipes for easier access and dispensing.

Ultrasound Probe Storage Cover

Clean Ultrasound Probe Cover (N00102)

Custom designed to protect endocavity and surface ultrasound probes from
recontamination (through handling or the environment), after HLD and before they are used on the next patient.

IT System Integration Option

trophon AcuTrace™ PLUS Activation Card (N05008)

AcuTrace™ PLUS enables trophon2 to integrate seamlessly into your IT system or directly into a patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR). AcuTrace™ PLUS allows you to create the ultimate customized solution for streamlined workflows. Importantly, you can automatically monitor all networked trophons throughout your facility.*

Support documents

*All connectivity, configuration and integration with customer IT systems is the responsibility of the customer.