trophon® Technology

trophon® Technology

Nanosonics trophon technology represented the first major innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection (HLD) in 20 years protecting patients with every automated cycle.

trophon® Technology

Nanosonics trophon® technology represented the first major innovation in ultrasound probe HLD.

With the ever increasing challenges in the fight against the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), trophon’s powerful disinfection technology is setting a new benchmark in protecting patients.

How it Works

trophon’s high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations generate a 'sonically activated', hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mist that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

trophon’s unique automated system uses ultrasonic vibration to convert high concentration hydrogen peroxide into mist particles.

This ‘sonically activated’ mist generates a high number of free radicals with oxidative properties.

One of the major benefits of sonicated disinfection when compared to other methods, such as wipes, is that the droplets of mist are so small they can get into crevices and tiny imperfections on the probe surface to ensure all the probe has been correctly disinfected.

Sensors monitor temperature, mist volume and flow rates, while sophisticated software controls all aspects of the process at all times to deliver effective disinfection – with every cycle.

After disinfection, residual hydrogen peroxide is blown out of the chamber and passes through destructors, where it is broken down into environmentally friendly oxygen and water.

The global standard of care for ultrasound probe reprocessing

When patient care is at stake, using products and processes with demonstrated performance can give you confidence and peace of mind.  Join the thousands of trophon sites around the world that choose trophon as the standard of care.

The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2 which share the same core technology of 'sonically activated' hydrogen peroxide.