Reclassification of Sonex-HL as a medical device (from a drug classification) by Health Canada.

March 2019
Sonex-HL®, (Nanosonics’ proprietary disinfectant with 35% hydrogen peroxide chemistry for use with trophon®), was successfully submitted for reclassification to Health Canada as a class II medical device, and approved in 2018:

  • Nanosonics have updated the trophon EPR medical device licence (MDL 77877) to include Sonex-HL as a component of trophon EPR medical device system.
  • Similarly, trophon2 approval by Health Canada included Sonex-HL as a medical device (MDL 100935).

Therefore, Sonex-HL reclassification in Canada has been completed by Nanosonics.

Please note that Sonex-HL has not changed in formulation or efficacy, it simply has had a reclassification regulatory-wise by the Canadian government.

Videos from AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine) in New York!

In March 2018 Nanosonics exhibited at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Annual Meeting in New York.

The AIUM show is the place to be for medical ultrasound professionals. It brings together experts from more than 20 medical ultrasound specialties, searching for new and innovative solutions to improve patient care.

Two of the Nanosonics’ team (Keith Koby, Senior Vice President of North America and Gina Cummings, US Clinical Applications Specialist) were interviewed at the booth for a real-time stream on Facebook.

Just because you weren’t there doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action.

You can watch these new videos here!

Scottish population study
Keith Koby discusses a hot topic in ultrasound probe infection prevention. There’s a new population study out, conducted by government in Scotland that directly shows an increased risk of infection and an increase in antibiotic prescriptions among patients following semi-invasive ultrasound probe procedures. This study really highlights the importance of maintaining proper HLD processes for endocavitary procedures.

Human Papillomavirus
Hear Gina Cummings discussing the ongoing challenge that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) presents for infection prevention. With ultrasound probes being a potential source of HPV infection it is a serious issue in patient safety.
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Keith Koby elaborates on the importance of keeping adequate HLD documentation. trophon offers a simple traceability solution, making it easy for healthcare facilities to maintain compliant reprocessing records.